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Ritchie Geisel,Bienvenidos CEO, Awarded 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Award

geisel-leadership-awardBienvenidos congratulates our CEO, Ritchie Geisel, as the recipient of The Center for Nonprofit Management’s 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Award. The selection committee chose four individuals who demonstrated the highest levels of collaborative, strategic, and transformational leadership. Recognition also included a $5,000 award.

Qualities included:

  • Collaborated successfully across sectors
  • Leadership style focused on results and accountability
  • Led a board and management team that moved the organization forward, citing examples of thoughtful, engaged decision making
  • Created a sustainable, transparent business model

Some of the judges’ comments about Ritchie:

…impressed with the ongoing investment in staff performance, creating the internal “university”, the bottom up budgeting and accountability systems, and the unique board development “bench” system matching experienced members with potential recruits.

“…repeatedly demonstrated that he is a visionary, that he is a thorough and deliberate decision-maker, and that he is able to inspire those within his charge to perform to the best of his/her capability.” – Francisco J. Nicholas, Carlson & Nichols, LLP