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Congrats Grads!



Congrats to our grads! Bienvenidos’ Institute of Women’s Health (IWH) graduated 10 resilient women from their program. Counselors praised the women for remaining strong despite their struggles with addiction and other obstacles. The graduates’ 6-12 month journeys were recognized in a small celebration at the East Los Angeles Library, where the ladies received roses and certificates of completion.

Family Fun Day!

face painting


Bienvenidos served 100 families for our Family Fun Day at Covina Park. Everyone was treated to a variety of vendor tables for local services as well as a DJ and face painting. These family fun events give our families an opportunity for healthy, positive interaction and relieve day-to-day stress. They play an important part in preventing and ending child abuse and neglect.

May: Stories of Success

Foster Care Success

Bienvenidos’ Foster Program strives to inspire personal growth in their young adults while also helping them to choose the right path for their future. Nineteen-year-old Amelia was on track to graduate high school this year, but due to lack of language mechanics she did not pass the CAHSEE (CA High School Exit Exam). As part of her placement with a foster family, her foster care social worker referred Amelia for tutoring. She worked extremely hard to pass the CAHSEE, studying with multiple tutors, but was still unable to pass the English section of the exam.

Her social worker provided Amelia with several educational options. She decided to enroll at LA Mission College where she is currently finishing her first semester and passing all of her classes. In addition to school, Amelia is working two jobs. In a display of their support, Amelia’s foster parents pick her up when her shift ends at 11:30pm. In this home Amelia is seen not as a foster child, but as a part of the family who is given unconditional love. Her foster parents respect her as an individual and take the time to guide Amelia in the path right for her life.
(Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.)

A Mother’s Story

Angela and her husband immigrated from Mexico seeking a better life. Unfortunately, Angela found the transition difficult and became increasingly depressed. After the birth of her first child, Angela was hospitalized several times and placed on medication for her mental illness, which eventually stabilized. She went off her medication when she became pregnant with her second child, becoming unstable once again.

 In January 2012 Angela joined Bienvenidos’ Project Corazón program, seeking to reverse the feeling of helplessness and to improve life for her children. During the year Angela was in the program she was once again stabilized and sought answers to build a more nurturing life for her children. She learned about praising and other family bonding techniques through participating in family counseling and parenting classes.

 Angela successfully completed Project Corazón in August of 2012 and continues to take advantage of the alumni services offered. She participates in parenting leadership classes and continually challenges herself to grow and be a better parent. Angela and her husband are providing a safe and healthy home environment for their children and continue to show commitment to facilitate healing, transformation, and family unity.

Congratulations to Angela and her family!
(Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.)

Updates Around Bienvenidos

Healthy Living Expo

Over two hundred people joined us for Bienvenidos’ Healthy Living Expo on April 14th at Atlantic Park. Among the services offered that day, the Mobile Unit performed 92 blood pressure screenings and 85 blood sugar screenings. Visitors were treated to a demonstration by Chef LaLa and enjoyed performances by different dancers and musicians.

Bienvenidos Food Bank

In conjunction with World Harvest Food Bank, Bienvenidos hosted a food bank on April 30th, served 65 families. Each family received 20-30 pounds of food!
The next food bank will occur on:
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 from 12:30-2:30pm
5257 East Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90022