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Congrats to our Grads

On Thursday, September 29th, the Institute for Women’s Health graduated 13 women from its program. These women have successfully completed an average of three months of treatment on their road to recovery from substance abuse. Proud counselors awarded the graduates with certificates and gift bags with items to help them continue forward in their lives. Families were present and spoke about their gratefulness to Bienvenidos. Program Manager, Theresa Carrasco, wished the women luck in continuing to find their inner peace and happiness.

Families Helping Families Photo Gallery

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August: Sharing Cathy’s Story

We want to share a summer success story… Cathy’s graduation!

It wasn’t Cathy’s idea to come to Bienvenidos Children’s Center. With her two children removed from her care and a baby due in two months, it was her DCFS Caseworker that suggested Cathy would benefit from Bienvenidos’ Community Services programs.

But it was her decision to follow through, and with no family available to support her through a difficult time, Bienvenidos quickly became her foundation. Challenged by addiction, victimized by domestic violence, and unable to communicate her needs effectively, she was at the end of her rope and ready to make a change.

With the help of her case manager Lynda Evans, Cathy attained sobriety and learned how to reduce the risk of a relapse. She learned how to create healthy, supportive relationships with friends, family, and intimate partners. But her most precious achievement has been growing her ability to communicate her intentions and needs with those around her, including setting age-appropriate boundaries with her children… giving them the foundation they need to grow into healthy people with a strong sense of self-worth.

Now a graduate of Bienvenidos’ substance abuse program, Cathy hopes that others can benefit from the same experience. But our funding is running out, and to keep offering evidence-based addiction treatment to women in our community, we need your help! The cost of offering our six-month treatment program, random tests for relapse, and associated care is $750/month per person.

These women– and their children– are worth it.
Can you commit to a donation to help ensure the treatment and care they need stays within reach?
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Casino Night

The 6th Annual Bienvenidos Casino Night will be 
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