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March: March Madness

Our Cities Have a Heart for Children Who Need a Home

On February 21st, more than 100 participants came out to “Our Cities Have a Heart for Children Who Need a Home,” a recruitment event sponsored collaboratively between the mayors and city councilpersons of Azusa, Glendora, Covina and Duarte; the Department of Children & Family Services; Citrus College; and local faith-based organizations at Citrus College.

Bienvenidos, along with five other providers, were present to hand out brochures, heartwarming flyers, and answer prospective foster parents’ questions. Additionally, one of the panelists was Bienvenidos’ own Eva Shipman, a parent who has fostered over 150 children during her 24-year tenure with Bienvenidos.

Program Updates

Foster Care + Adoptions
During the Winter holidays, Foster Care + Adoptions welcomed two of our teens into our Montclair office as Clerk Interns with the goal of exposing them to “real world” job responsibilities. With the support of Foster Care Social Worker Nidia Canello and Regional Office Supervisor Victoria Ramirez, the teens sorted and labeled, organized and shelved an overwhelming amount of donated items, transforming our storage into an efficient and easily-accessible area. Most importantly, they demonstrated initiative, commitment, positive attitude and team spirit. Go team!

Community Services
Financial Literacy Workshops are now being offered for both English and Spanish-speakers. The goal of the series of classes is to help families reduce financial stress by making better choices between their needs and wants. For more information, contact Xochitl Ramos, Parent Coordinator, at (323) 726-9790 x226.

Selected families from our Partnerships for Families program will be cruising off to join Big Sunday’s Community Cruise out of San Pedro. Big Sunday is a nonprofit organization specializing in matching other nonprofits with volunteers for events, entertainment, and just generally lending a helping hand.

Save the date for the 3rd Annual Bienvenidos gala! June 4, 2015

Vibiana | Downtown Los Angeles

Update 05/2015: We would like to let you know about a change in plans for our annual gala, “Together We Can Dream”. While this has become Bienvenidos’ signature fundraising event, we have had to cancel it for this year. Given our appropriate focus on program priorities, we have been unable to devote the resources required to plan and organize such a major event. Instead, we are inviting you to support a “virtual” gala. The good news about this non-event is that it will cost Bienvenidos nothing, so we can proudly assure you that 100% of the proceeds will directly further our service mission!

Founded in 1986 to serve abandoned and neglected children, Bienvenidos continues to be a beacon of hope for 5000 children and families annually. Although most of our funding comes from public grants and contracts, it’s our private support that fills gaps in funding and enables us to continue providing our comprehensive safety net of services.

We sincerely hope you will be part of this effort to fund the needs of our families at Bienvenidos. We are counting on our close friends and partners for sponsorship support and want to thank you for your consideration.

Sponsorships are available. For more information, contact Ritchie Geisel. Bienvenidos First Annual Virtual Gala