June: Congrats to our Grads!

Ritchie Geisel, Bienvenidos CEO, Awarded 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Award

Bienvenidos congratulates our CEO, Ritchie Geisel, as the recipient of The Center for Nonprofit Management’s 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Award. The selection committee chose four individuals who demonstrated the highest levels of collaborative, strategic, and transformational leadership. Recognition also included a $5,000 award.

Fatherhood Program Graduation  

This past Monday, we graduated 13 fathers from Project Corazon’s Fatherhood Program. These fathers underwent 16 weeks of classes, covering a variety of topics from child development and attachment theory to nurturing and self esteem. The tools that the graduates have taken away from the program will help them reunite with their families as well as to become better fathers and partners.

A Father’s Story

Jesse, a 38-year-old participant in the Project Corazon Fatherhood Program, graduated this Monday. His own relationship with his father was not positive, and he attributes his past behavior to that history. He is a father to five and stepfather of four; but was requested to leave his home and family due to an open Dept. of Child and Family Services case.

Mandated to complete 26 weeks of training in order to return home to his wife and family, Jesse was referred to Bienvenidos by his church. Because of Bienvenidos, he will return to court this month with all of his requirements fulfilled. Jesse is confident that he will be able to reunite with his wife and children.

Jesse spoke very positively about the program:

“Fatherhood is a real program, beneficial to fathers. It spoke my language- real down to earth. The topics pertained to me – definitely not a typical parenting class. The tools they gave me helped me see the role I play in my family…I think more fathers need to know about this program. It is life altering, unmeasurable and impactful.”

Congratulations Jesse!

Institute of Women’s Health Graduation

This past Friday, Bienvenidos’ Institute of Women’s Health graduated 10 resilient women from their program. Counselors praised the women for remaining strong despite their struggles with addiction and other obstacles. The graduates’ 6-12 month journeys were recognized in a small celebration at the East Los Angeles Library, where the ladies received roses and certificates of completion. All expressed their gratefulness to Bienvenidos and staff for help in getting their lives back on track.