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Community Services is a comprehensive system of services offering prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

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Our prevention services work with children and parents at all stages of development to improve resilience, remove barriers, and enable success. We have implemented the Protective Factors Framework, which identifies five protective factors we seek to strengthen:

Parental Resilience – Resilient parents can bounce back from stressful events, seek help when they need it, and give their children the support and nurturing they need.

Social Connections – Families who are connected socially can form support networks that help them weather difficulties without trauma. Families who have difficulty making social connections can receive mental health treatment to address that deficit.

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development – Parents who know what is reasonable to expect from their children are less likely to misinterpret children’s developmentally-appropriate behavior as disobedience, and are better prepared to identify illness or emotional issues in their children.

Concrete Support in Times of Need – Poverty is stressful, and stress makes child abuse and neglect more likely. Ensuring that vulnerable families can get basic needs met, such as food and shelter, helps relieve the stress and keeps families strong and healthy.

Social and Emotional Competence of Children – Children who can form attached relationships with friends, mentors, siblings, and parents are better able to get help when they need it and have better outcomes.

Our specific prevention activities include:

Project Corazón – helps pregnant women and families with children ages 0-5 create a safe and healthy environment for their children. Families receive parent education (including classes specifically for fathers), in-home counseling and life skills coaching, and family fun events that help families relieve stress and learn to create positive attachments.

Family Preservation – offers in-home counseling, life skills education, and other supports to families at risk of child abuse and neglect. This comprehensive care system addresses mental health issues in parents and children, school functioning, law enforcement involvement, and other pressures or challenges that impact stability.

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Bienvenidos provides intervention services to halt abuse, address immediate needs, and rebuild trust, stability, and security in the home. While our Foster Care division works with families that have had their children removed, our Community Services offerings help families that can stay together if they have the right support.

Our specific intervention services include:

Family Preservation – Guides families through the process of creating a physically and emotionally safe home environment while children remain in the home or after they have been returned following foster care placement. Also works with probation-involved youth to reduce recidivism and mitigate the negative impact of a criminal record on their future.

Latinas en Progreso – This Domestic Violence Supportive Services program helps adults, primarily women, to remove themselves from abusive relationships and heal from the trauma they have experienced. We connect those in need to suitable shelter, mental health treatment, legal services, and peer group support to promote sustainable recovery from abuse.

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People who have experienced trauma carry its effects with them forward into their lives. Truly healing from abuse or neglect, as well as contributing issues such as alcohol or substance misuse, requires support and guidance.

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