Jackie’s Story

Jackie was a teenager when things spiraled out of control. Her father’s drug abuse turned to dealing; he became abusive. Her mother, who had married at 15, felt powerless to stop him, so she left. The abuse turned on Jackie, and now she was acting out in school, on a path all too familiar.

Her mother had started parenting classes at Bienvenidos, and when her troubled daughter came to live with her, Jackie was referred to CLARITY. At first, she didn’t participate; she resented the meddling.

But her grandmother told her, “Give someone an opportunity to give you a chance.” So Jackie signed the commitment to attend all 16 classes. She was glad she had; CLARITY allowed her to share with people who cared what happened to her, and to be herself without judgement.


That was in 1997. Jackie is now happily married with two young children. She is proud to be a mom, and glad she waited until her 20s. She secured an AA in Child Development, and applies her training as a Prevention Specialist with Project SAFE, giving back to Bienvenidos by giving other teens the same chance she had.

Jackie has also learned to forgive. Her father, now in ill health, lives with her family. She is most proud to be able to give him the care that he could not give her.