Mental Health Services

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Everyone feels anxious, down in the dumps, or stressed at times. It’s easy to think you should be able to get over it and get on with it by yourself. But what if you can’t? What if there are thoughts and feelings preventing you or your child from succeeding at work or at school, or from maintaining healthy family relationships?

That’s when Bienvenidos Mental Health Services can help. We provide treatment to children, families, and individuals, using methods that are proven effective to address the problems you are having right now. For more information on the evidence-based practices that we use, click here.

To see how Ruth overcame her obstacles, click here.

Do I need Mental Health Services?

You may need Mental Health Services if you:

  • Find that negative thoughts or feelings are interfering with your work or home life
  • Have thoughts about harming yourself or others
  •  No longer get enjoyment out of your favorite activities
  • Have increased use of alcohol or other substances to help you cope

Your child may need Mental Health Services if they:

  • Have a sudden change in temperament or demeanor, such as increased irritability
  • Are finding school more difficult than they used to, or having more peer conflicts
  • Say things that imply they might harm themselves or others
  • Refuse to engage in activities they used to enjoy

You may be eligible for one of our Mental Health programs if you:

  • Are enrolled in Healthy Way LA
  • Are enrolled in Medi-Cal
  • Have infants, children, or young adults up to 21 years old who need services

Wraparound Services

In the Wraparound Program, Bienvenidos staff works as a team with a child, members of his/her family, and members of their support system to identify strengths, needs and goals. Together, the team develops, facilitates, and continuously evaluates a plan of services and resources. Plans center on families and are built on each child and families unique strengths and needs. Available for children ages 5-21; duration of 18 months; in-home and field based service delivery.

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