Ruth’s Story

RuthRuth endured abuse for fifteen years. It was just the way life was for her. At first, she came to Bienvenidos to support a friend who was going through a substance abuse treatment program. She sat in on the program as a visitor for six weeks before she realized that she really did want out of the abuse.

It took two cycles through the program for her to build up the courage to leave. Through Bienvenidos’ Wraparound Program, she received the support she needed through two difficult years of rebuilding her life. Her daughters graduated from the CLARITY program and her sons from Joven Noble.

Part of that rebuilding was finding a career. WIth financial assistance from Bienvenidos, she trained as a domestic violence counselor and now works as a Parent Partner for the Wraparound group.

Ruth is eternally grateful for the services and outreach she received from Bienvenidos and says, “my family is Bienvenidos. My family is here.” She tells other women, “don’t give up.”