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Volunteers help Hillsides provide the highest quality of care to the vulnerable children and families in crisis we serve through their work in the group homes, the school, and in the Family Resource Centers. Along with his or her talents and skills, each volunteer brings a unique perspective and life experience to our programs. It is always a pleasure to match a prospective volunteer with just the right task.

Working with children and youth in foster care or who suffer from severe emotional challenges is rewarding, yet extremely challenging. Those who wish to work with our children undergo extensive screening, orientation and training. Read more about our volunteer opportunities and support groups.

Hillsides Guild

Hillsides Guild members have supported Hillsides’ programs since 1987. Membership is open to adults who want to take an active role in improving the lives of children in foster care or who have emotional and behavioral challenges. Working together in an atmosphere of commitment and camaraderie, members successfully advocate Hillsides mission.

General membership meetings, held five times a year, offer members the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the children’s care from designated guest speakers. In addition to attending the meetings, Guild members have ample opportunities to take a hands-on approach through participation in one-day projects or continual involvement in longer-term commitments.

Options for active volunteerism include the following:

  • Adopt-a-Cottage
  • Adopt-a-Family for Christmas
  • Annual carnival for the children
  • Annual gala fundraiser
  • Birthday parties for the children
  • Guild Christmas party
  • Holiday decorating
  • Hospitality
  • Membership development

Members may also volunteer through the Hillsides Community Resources Department. Volunteer opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Docent
  • Library service
  • Special Friends
  • Support services
  • Tutor

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hillsides Guild. To receive a membership application, call (323) 543-2800 ext. 12226 or join today.

Hillsides Volunteer Network

The Hillsides Volunteer Network (HVN) started in 1994 to offer an organized, easy way for caring men and women—and couples—to positively impact the lives of children and youth who have experienced trauma.

Today, the HVN raises funds for activities and programs, and sponsors outings with the children in Hillsides' care.

How much time is required?
That's up to you. Some members attend just one or two events a year, while others participate in an event or activity every month. The HVN is the perfect choice for adults who want to volunteer but cannot make a weekly commitment.

How can I help?
The HVN is a small group, so there are always opportunities to pitch in Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Attend events with the children.
    The HVN has treated the kids to everything from baseball games to high tea to scaled-down formula car racing. While Hillsides staff members are always present, we need enough HVN members to attend to offer support and encouragement. The kids respond well to individual attention, and don't mind if you're not very good at miniature golf!
  • Serve on a fundraising committee.
    Our fall benefit show at The Ice House, and a second fundraiser in the spring or summer generate most of the funds we use for the year. We need help with promotion, the silent auction, raffles, and on-site support.
  • Serve on the membership committee.
    Besides generating dues income, new members means more resources for expanding the HVN's ability to help the children. Getting the word out about the HVN is essential.

How can I get more information?
You are always welcome to sit in on an HVN meeting at 9:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of the month. These are informal 90-minute gatherings to go over finances and the events calendar. If you'd like a guided tour of the campus after the meeting, please give us a week's notice.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the HVN, email lzabel@hillsides.org.

How do I join?
If you're ready to be a part of a positive, productive organization that actively works to improve the lives of deserving children, join today.


H100, a new group of supporters of Hillsides, was created to ensure the children's charity is able to continue to meet the needs of society’s most vulnerable for the next one hundred years. Annually they host a Farm to Table event, “Celebrating Local Roots.”  Held at local venues, Farm to Table dinner honors the philosophy and vision of creating a food culture centered around fresh, locally grown, seasonal vegetables, fruit and meat.

The Board of H100 encourage members and guests to support and sustain our community. Included in the support of our community is guests’ involvement in Hillsides. With more than 12,000 children and families served annually, the children’s charity helps restore hope through various core programs: Family Resource Centers, Residential Treatment Services, Youth Moving On, Foster Family and Adoption, and Hillsides Education Center.

To learn more about H100, contact Carrie Espinoza at (323) 543-2800, ext. 12221 or join today.

If you'd like to work directly with the children through events, tutoring or other activities, please call (323) 254-2274 ext. 12226 to complete a more detailed application required by the State of California and Hillsides. You'll also need to set aside some time to get finger printed. This level of screening protects the children.

Our centers offer numerous community-based programs and services that provide parenting classes, mental health support, and additional crucial resources for vulnerable children and families throughout Los Angeles County, including the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena. >
Education Center, a therapeutic residential and day school, offers individualized education for students with social-emotional, learning and/or behavior challenges for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. >
Youth Moving On, with support from The Everychild Foundation, provides former foster youth affordable quality housing and numerous support services to help them become responsible, self-sufficient adults. >